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Firma Adı: DGI-Works
Ürün Adı: Anti Skimming System

DgiWorks AntiSkimming (DGI-AS) is a system which consists of a device, card entry slot, cable connections and antennas that is developed in order to prevent fraud performed by skimming (copying) cards on ATMs and Self Service Terminals.

The system is developed relying on more than 20 years of Banking and ATM industry experience and comments and requests of clients and partners all around the world during this period.

While developing the Anti-Skimming System, all measures are taken to protect against current copying techniques. Competitor product weaknesses and deficiencies are considered during the development process.


SMART and Reliable
DGI AntiSkimming System (DGI-AS) is the most reliable solution against all known analog, mono and stereo skimming techniques. It is capable to sense the position and the moving direction of the card. It has a precise timing of Jamming. There is a self-control over functions and components. Any attack or hardware failure can be detected and takes the system to protection and warning mode.

Remote Monitoring & Management
DGI-AS is the smart connected Anti-Skimming System. It’s advanced communication capability provides detailed status, threat and error reporting in real time. It has 9 different status & error types. It allows remote reset, testing and alarm management settings.

Both Compatible with Motorized & Dip Card Readers
A reliable surface detection kit is available for dip card readers. High sensitivity to both metal and non-metal objects. Easy sensor calibration. Sensor & target customization for any card reader.

Easy to install with clear guidelines and video tutorials. Any field technician can install DGI AntiSkimming System in minutes. No software changes, No extra hardware requirements.

Superior Field Performance
You can Plug & Forget. Self-protection mode against external attacks andautomatic resume, No need for system calibration, Powerful antenna with high jamming power.

Multi-Vendor Solution
DGI AntiSkimming System is compatible with all different types of brands & models of ATMs or other Self Service Terminals. You may even replace the product to any other Anti-Skimming System ATM in your installed base, just by adopting the cables.

DgiWorks AntiSkimming System (DGI-AS)
The card skimming devices read the magnetic stripes using magnetic heads. The read data is recorded on the device and later written to another card, thus cloning the original card identity.
The DgiWorks AntiSkimming System, which is developed against card skimming, operates during the insertion and exit of magnetic card and stops a possible illegal card skimming device from reading the magnetic stripe data.